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Itze A.
05 March 2018 @ 08:08 pm

Years go by too fast, and keeping a journal about my life became not a priority. The last time I published something, I actually had my dreams and hopes intact, not so much nowadays. 

I've nearly graduated from college, I've finished all my classes and I've only got my undergraduate thesis left for properly being a full clinical biochemist. Which... I ended up discovering it definitely wasn't what I wanted to do with my life. 

I might have discovered other passions (Please do note that biochemistry was never a passion of mine, but I digress), including museums and bringing science over to everyone. I'm still in the progress of building new goals for myself, after having four terrible years since the last time I posted something here.

You could say that I'm still in a healing process. 

It's funny, according to the information on this account of mine I've been in Livejournal for 11 (eleven!) years, but I can remember an older account -now purged-, that existed at least since 14 years ago. The last time I posted text was nearly four years ago, Livejournal has become more and more of a niche giving way to first Tumblr and now Twitter and Instagram... But I still come back. 

I'm not promising anything, but I'm certain I'll still come back to Livejournal. Until the site dies. By some Russian entity, probably. It's familiar, it's nice, it's comfortable. It's some sort of internet home. 

Itze A.
03 July 2014 @ 08:13 pm
I began June fired up, because I had a great idea for writing, and thought that perhaps this time, I'd plan accordingly for July. However, as usual, I diverted from my goal, and instead, turned on Netflix and binge-watched the two seasons of Orange is the New Black, and afterwards, the 24 episodes of Kill la Kill. By the time I had finished, June had almost ended and all my planning was in the early stages.

But oh well.
(Bear with me and my need to insert idols in everything)
Kill la Kill (aka I don't even know what the title means)Collapse )

Orange is the New Black (aka they all end up wearing beige most of the show)Collapse )

I'd actually recommend both, they are fun and shortish!
Next I'll try watching Orphan Black, but not soon, I got caught up watching old episodes of AKBINGO!! to get myself acquainted with AKB girls, and awwn, they are all so cute!

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Itze A.
02 July 2014 @ 06:58 pm

I've spent the past months bemoaning the slow death of livejournal, and then I did realize that despite all of it, I have never done anything, actually participate in communities, post comments or posts, nothing other than lurking. It shows, too, the last post I made here was over two years ago.

And in that time, i've certainly grown, I'm a college student now!!

The registration to the next school term (My third semester!) is in 28 days, and the start of classes is in 30 days. I'm bored.

(Which very probably is why I decided to finally post something, right)

Camp NaNoWriMo is in motion right now, although I abandoned it because of a big lack of planning. However, the idea I had was actually good, so my plan now is to develop it completely so I can use it in November.

The biggest change since 2012 is probably the fact that I moved countries. I'm now living in Mexico, and it's so big, so different, that I don't quite think the culture shock has worn off. However, I've already ranted too much about it.

I do suppose this is a welcome back, I'll see about finding active communities or something, probably.

And try to post more.

I'm very very probably going to mark every entry from before as Friends Only, too much embarrassment, taking into account I began writing here when I was 12, seven years ago.

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Itze A.

Lately my life has been quite busy. I think. Though of course that is not the excuse for not posting. I don't have an excuse for that; I haven't had one for years.

Anyway, yes, the life of a senior is hard and the most short on time I've ever had. Why couldn't they began to demand so much of us in earlier grades? But I shan't complain here. Not today, at least.

I can't remember if I had already mentioned it, but earlier this year, someone with big plans decided it would be nice to have a Film Festival in this country. And so they began planning it. And they needed people to help. So they published a small thing on the paper, asking for volunteers. I was all excited and stuff for like five minutes until I read that they required people older than 18 years old. I was bummed, because... I think I made an entry two or three months ago mentioning I had turned 17.

But the world is fantastic and sometimes dreams come true! In the end, thanks to my mother, who had also applied, I got to be a volunteer for the seven days the festival lasted! God, it was truly fantastic.

I was assigned to the most interesting place: the National Theater, where they would show some of the most important movies, complete with a red carpet every night. That meant I would see interesting people, and watch a nice movie for seven days. Of course, it had a catch. It was a 6 to 11 work. So I woke up for school the next day almost dead and with homework not done. That was horrible. 

And yet, the good things were worth it. Oh, I also got paid! (Which was something I really needed)

So to make this entry somewhat interesting, I'll mention the movies I got to see, along with short-ish thoughts about them. So enjoy, or at least pretend you are interested and finish reading, please.

Seven films for Seven daysCollapse )
And that was it. The seven movies I watched. I would gladly be a volunteer again.

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Itze A.
08 April 2012 @ 01:09 pm
Sometimes, from time to time... rarely... I feel the need to update my LJ.

And then, when I finally decide to write something, I don't know what to write about. And a nearly blank entry would be a waste.

So... let's see. I'm in school, I'm a senior, everything relating school is hard and complicated, and we feel like we were tricked into believing 11th grade would be the hardest of all when it wasn't. And stuff.

In other news... I fell into a bandwagon and watched Sherlock, both series. And I loved it. Lots. And got the biggest crush on Martin Freeman. And I was sobbing so hard with Reichenbach, and now I'm impatiently waiting for what comes next. Also, while I can't ship Watson and Holmes in the original stories, God, in Sherlock the ship basically sails alone. 

Also, I read The Atlantis Complex, finally. While it definitely isn't my favorite of the series, it was good, and... well, Orion. And Bivouacs. And noble horses. I'll cry so much when I read The Last Guardian. You know, for a lot of people, Harry Potter was their childhood and felt like a whole part of their lives finished with the second part of Deathly Hallows. My Harry Potter phase kind of died with the final book, never was a big big big fan of the movies. Artemis Fowl occupied big part of my childhood/life and it's ending. 

... actually, now... I'm not sure of how much that I'm writing/will write in this post I have already said before. But life is like that, isn't it? We go on a routine, repeating everything we've already done. 

I advanced another step with Tolkien's world; I read The Hobbit, and found it miles easier to read than Lord of the Rings. And because I'm a sentimental crybaby, I teared up at the end. With how much Bilbo changes from start to finish, and... well, I want to reread Lord of The Rings. 

Momoiro Clover (Z) is wonderful and Mouretsu Uchuu etclongtitleetc proves it. In a poll on arama/tokyohive that showed results of 'Idol group who will have their big break this year', they ranked 2nd, just behind Nogizaka46. And my babies S/mileage were 9th or 10th. In this, frankly, I'm hoping it's Momoiro Clover who'll be big this year. They deserve it.

uhm... what else, what else... While I was folding clothes a while ago, I was thinking on how I've had this journal since... what? oh, July, 2007. This one. I know I had a couple of LJs before, from like, 2006. And wow that's a long time. Considering I'm only 17... LJ and putting my thoughts into this has been around... 35% of my life. Which is a lot. I think. When I'm older, I'll read every entry here and reminisce about the ... who am I kidding? I won't be able to read half a word of the oldest entry because I'll die in shame at my writing from that time. God, I already do so. If today I were to create a new account and leave this one behind... I can't use simple_gnommish again, so I'd go with magical_bivouacs. Or just bivouacs. Heck, I'll go create that account immediately, just in case!

But yeah, the case is that I've been recording my life, or bits of it, seeing how I barely updated last year, for a long time, and... it feels nice to have feelings stored somewhere.

... I completely lost track of what I was going to write. Not that it would change the fact that this entry is pure nonsense. 
Anyway, that was all. If I get inspired again, I'll return later and do another entry. Mind you, that later can mean anything from later today, to later on the week, later on the month, year, etc. No promises.

... asdflasjdsljkfds I need new icons. 
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Itze A.
23 February 2012 @ 11:32 pm
also known as 'Itze should not be dwelling on these kind of thoughts much.' 

For the past twelve years, I've lived on Panama. Being here since I was five... I don't really know other home.

Yet, for the whole of those twelve years, I've known I wouldn't stay here forever: My dream has always been to study college in Mexico, where I'm supposed to be from.

And I've always thought... I've always thought it'd would be easy for me to leave this country. Easy to begin a new life there. Why wouldn't it, I'm sure my mother thinks, after all, I'm more mexican than anything, my whole family is mexican, I've been raised with mexican customs... it'd should be easy.

But then... I've got a year or so left here. And it's not easy at all. Yes technically I'm a foreigner to everything Panamanian. But then again, most of my friends are here. And I care for them a lot. I love them a lot. And being how I am I have no idea how I'm going to do in Mexico without them. Even though I'm sure that probably I don't matter that much to a lot of them. Even though I'm not sure they know how much I love them... Mother says there'll be so much to do, visit, so much family, I won't miss them that much, but I'm not that sure of that. Really, I am not sure of that at all. 

Either way, I'm graduating this year. Either way I'd stop seeing most of my friends as frequently. Perhaps what I'm afraid of is growing up? No, that's a fact. But then couple it with moving to a country you barely know, a place the most you've been in is a few months at a time, and always as an outsider. It feels even more scarier. 

I'm beginning to think the fact I can't decide, for the sake of everything I love, what to study, it's a defense mechanism of my mind. Perhaps deep inside I believe that if I can't decide that, then the future will never come? I don't know, that's not logical. But deep inside, I think that's what I'm doing.

and then I do wonder how it went for both Kalvin and Tang. They had to go through similar things, huh. Though they aren't from the USA, and English wasn't their mother tongue. At least in Mexico we use Spanish. ... I really should ask them about their experience. But then again, I know I won't do it. I barely talk about deep, important things. It's so hard. Like, feelings? Feeling sad, disappointed at something or someone? Never mind, that kind of feeling doesn't exist for me. They simply don't. I ignore them until they become overwhelming and then they make me cry. Like the feeling of loneliness and fear of the future I'm feeling right now. But other than here, in a journal probably no one will read, I won't show them.

To talk about feelings is so hard for me... Like, I can't even get myself to tell the person I feel it's the closest to me that I consider them my best friend and that I love them and that I'm so grateful about their existence. And you know, usually that is a nice feeling to have. I did tell another good friend of mine how much I love her and how happy I am about their friendship, but then again she did send a message expressing similar things first.

And I don't know why is so difficult to show those feelings; I mean, it's not like I was about proposing marriage to someone, huh. 

ok, I must have vented enough, because I'm left without anything else to write down. 

ps. lol journal where nobody will read this. I've finished posting this to tumblr too. 
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Itze A.
03 February 2012 @ 12:54 pm
Because ever since I woke up, I've had Sungoi My Birthday stuck in my mind.

And, today's my birthday! I've turned seventeen! And, well. Nice feeling that only happens once I year. I practically haven't stopped smiling since... like two hours ago. I'm ha~ppy!

Now, remembering... Three years ago, I was sulking because I had to go camping the day after my birthday. Two years ago, my mother and sister had to go to an Scouting event after my birthday. Last year, I woke up at a Scout Camp on my birthday! And I was weeping internally. Though I had, for the first time, people congratulating me in person the day of my birthday. So it wasn't so bad.

And today I finally spend my birthday without worrying for those things. And it's a nice, relaxing feeling °u° 

This is probably, however, the last birthday I spend in this country. Somehow, it's nostalgic too... And well, hmm, I'll probably receive no gifts from my parents. I highly doubt it. Unless they have some surprise planned for me. And the chances for that are null. Meh. 

But anyway, it's sunny today and looks like a nice day! So I'll try my best at enjoying fully this day! Yay! 

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Itze A.
02 February 2012 @ 10:31 pm
Earlier today I finished my... what, seventh book from Isabel Allende. Which was Inés of My Soul. As pictured here:

However, I didn't read this edition with this pretty and work safe cover, oh no, I read an older print of the book, that you'll easily find by googling. Not a good cover to bring out in public, I tell you.

So I finished. And ever since a friend lent it to me... it has passed around a month. Which is quite a long time. I actually was avoiding to read this book for a while, even if I like Isabel Allende's writing a lot. I don't know, something kept me from wanting to finish it quickly.

And when I finally began reading it seriously, it was interesting. But historical fiction does not sit well with me. The book is about  the Conquest of Chile, through the eyes of a woman that came to the New World looking for her husband. And it seems that Inés Suárez, the woman in question, existed in real life. How much of the novel is fiction, and how much it isn't, well, I'd love to know. 

Well, after getting to America, Inés finds out her husband is dead, she finds another man, she conquests Chile, trouble, wars with the natives, love troubles, etc. All narrated by Inés herself, as if she was telling the story to her stepdaughter.

At some points, I actually confused Inés the narrator and Allende the writer, because before this, the two books I had read by her were Sum of Our Days and My Invented Country, which are autobiographical. Because of this, my mind tried to imagine the writer as the protagonist of the story, with rather hilarious results. Even so, the fact that it was a first-person narration was the most appropiate for the novel, as it really gets in Inés' soul, like, to be a woman in those times, with all the things it carried. 

As a side note, I'm glad of living in this time. Really. 

You know how Allende's chapters are usually long? As in 'For heaven's sake, when are you finishing?' long? Well, they are. And I enjoyed it when reading Sum of our Days and My Invented Country, as they allowed me to feel like I was really enjoying the book, and I could let myself go at a slower pace than usual so I didn't finish as usual. This time I didn't feel like that. The chapters, there are only three or four at the most, and are divided through time periods and places. And are long. And I almost couldn't bear with that longitude.

For a book filled with important happenings, and a good bunch of battles, I would have preferred shorter chapters. But oh well, I can see why Allende divided the book like that.

In conclusion, I enjoyed it, could have done with shorter chapters, the narration was delightful and quirky and I have a problem with history. Currently it's the Isabel Allende book I like the least, but I should reread House of Spirits to make a more accurate statement.

And that was all. Oh, tomorrow it's my birthday. Enjoy my Tiana icon I stole from god knows where. But the credit must be there. I believe so.
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Itze A.
01 February 2012 @ 11:07 pm
So, here I am. After not writing since May last year. I dunno, I am just contributing to the decline of Livejournal, like those users who moved to dreamwidth or tumblr. In my case, it was tumblr and laziness. I won't even say I'll write more now, because if I write it, I still won't do it, and then I'll feel guilty about not keeping my word. Even if it's a promise made to me. Wait, I think that makes things worse.

But here I am now, and the first thing I'll do is... update in who I am now? ... in terms of fandom, of course. and maybe other things. I'll even put cuts, if you want to skip some things! 

Fandoms! I couldn't live with them!Collapse )

November: Hellishly Long MonthCollapse )

Uhm... I'm at summer break, I won't have school for another month... and I'm bored. Lately my days have been pc, pc, eating, pc, sleeping... reading?. Taking a bath fits there, as cleaning my room so it remains decent. Occasionally, I go out. This year I have already watched The Muppets, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, We Bought a Zoo, and Last Night. The most remarkable one was The Girl, though the Muppets was adorable. um...

I'm currently reading Inés of My Soul, by Isabel Allende, who is a writer I like. But... Historical Fiction does not sit well with me. The fact she writes these hellishly long chapters does not help at all. However, I'll finish. 

Oh, I'll also be seventeen on Friday!

... and that was all. All. For now.

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Itze A.
07 May 2011 @ 07:38 pm
 Plus long time with no posting D; it's just that... uh, my life has been feeling depressing. And I don't want to fill my journal up with my rants and depressing thoughts. So~ today I bring something different~ Inspiration came to me today~ and so I wrote a short original drabble~ God knows which is more rare, if actually writing something, or that said writing is an original story. 
Anyway~ on to the drabble~

'Humanity should just disappear. Die. Extinguish.'Collapse )

Ok, I know this isn't exactly cheering. But~ my mind is just like that. Happy things tend to reflect in my drawings. And in writing... eh. Let's just say I've got a good bunch of drabbles revolving around sweet happy love. But... yeah. Anyway.  Byee~
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